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Letterpress Printing

Use our LetterPress Services to stand out from the crowd!

As we have been in business for decades now, Fine Print in Alexandria, LA has been offering our clients the benefits of LetterPress Printing for many years.

Most people don't even know what LetterPress technology is. Suffice it to say that the printing industry was created using LetterPress technologies. While LetterPress has been around for hundreds of years, it still serves a unique purpose and is quite popular for what it has to offer...

        Foil Stamping  
            - Metallic Foils for Special Effects

            - Creating 3D Relief on Print Projects

        Die Cutting  
            - Cutting Special Shapes

            - Using Pressure and Rules to Make Folding Lines

            - Creating Perforations for Easy Tear Apart

            - Tickets, Forms, Thousands of Uses

While this is not a service provided by the vast majority or commercial printing companies throughout the country, we know it is important to make these services to our loyal clients in Alexandria, LA and surrounding areas.

Have questions about how we can use this centuries old technology to improve your business image?

Call us at 318-442-0185, email us at or use our contact form Here .

We will be happy to describe how our LetterPress Services can enhance your next printed project!